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Report of Fukui Sabae’s study meeting – Adjustment


Information , ACTIVITY

It is snowing today although it is already in March. Fukui prefecture has been snowbound area in winter since a very long time ago.



Today we held a study meeting.

We will hold 4 study meetings in this month to strengthen various abilities of manufacturers in Fukui Sabae area.


This report inform you of today’s meeting.

Today’s theme is…



“Adjustment by anticipation beforehand” & “Adjustment process”.

Mr. Yoshihara, a teacher of Kikuchi optical school, came here and taught us.


Fukui Sabae area is really famous for manufacturing eyeglass flames.

However, we can not finish making eyeglasses for end users.


We mean that finished eyeglasses for consumers need appropriate lenses and to be adjusted for the customer’s face & head shape.


We are sure that you have experience of eyesight test and adjustment by shop staffs when you buy eyeglasses in shops. (If you have not enough experience of them in a shop, never go to that shop.)


Therefore, we manufacturers have to learn about consumer’s face & head shape, and how retailers deal with eyeglass frames. Our study is for your maximum comfort.





Almost 40 people of manufacturers here joined this study meeting and learned seriously in spite of snow.


We are sure that you are going to get more comfortable eyeglass frames made in Fukui Sabae soon thanks to today’s study.


Look forward to next report, thanks!



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