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Sunreeve Co., Ltd.

Sunreeve is an integrated eyewear company that has remained dedicated to continually developing and manufacturing spectacle frames and sunglasses with a focus on customer satisfaction since 1954. In addition to product development, we also concentrate our efforts on technological development and sales network expansion. In 1997, we opened a spectacle frame factory and a plating factory in China to enhance our production capacity and to strengthen integration from the stages of product development to manufacturing. Our output is distributed worldwide through our own sales organization in Japan, which includes the company’s head office in Fukui as well as branches in Tokyo and Fukuoka, and through distributors in various countries. We strive for further growth to steadily reflect the original intention of our foundation. One of our key aims is to ensure customer satisfaction.

Sunreeve Co., Ltd.

〒916-8558 15-22 Sugimoto-cho, Sabae city, Fukui pref. 916-8558 JAPAN
Official Site:
OEM capacity:
Metal frame,Plastic frame,Combination frame,Elastomeric resin frame
Main business
  • Metal frame
  • Plastic frame
  • Combination frame
  • Sunglasses
  • Reading glasses

Metal Frames
Acetate Frames
Combination Frames
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