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Roots inc.

Manufacturing of ROOTS

Made in Japan made entirely by craftsmen manually
 All production processes are made in Japan.
 Attention to detail made by manual work. You can see excellent items.

Natural and innovative design expressed with precious woods
 Use only the part of the world's precious wood "good grain" = "good design".
 Glasses with only one in the world is completed.

Luxury to use only "Kyoto bamboo" from Kyoto
 We used Kyoto bamboo which is only made in Kyoto as a material,
 and finished it as an excellent item that can enjoy the secular change.

Making glasses with only 50 years history
 We want you to use good things for a long time This is the origin of the original bamboo bamboo brand.
 The thought of a craftsman for 50 years is packed in every single glasses.

Roots inc.

〒915-0042 1-2-9 Shinyokoe, Sabae city, Fukui pref. 915-0042 JAPAN
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