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Nakanishi Vision Co. Ltd.

Nakanishi Vision Co. Ltd., Fukui, Japan is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of eyeglass frames and lenses, representing many of the world’s top brands. The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nakanishi Optical, a privately held company started by Eiichi Nakanishi in 1966, Osaka, Japan. In the beginning, Nakanishi Optical quickly established itself as a global eyewear company, providing design, engineering and manufacturing services through a network of suppliers in the Fukui prefecture. Fukui has long been recognized in Japan and around the world as a manufacturing center for high quality eyeglass frames and lenses. The label ‘Made in Japan’ is associated with high quality, this was especially important for the many luxury brands that quickly came to rely on Nakanishi Optical.

Nakanishi Vision Co. Ltd.

〒918-8037 54-2-27 Shimoemori-cho, Fukui city, Fukui pref. 918-8037 JAPAN
Official Site:
OEM capacity:
Metal frame,Plastic frame,Combination frame
Main business
  • Metal frame
  • Plastic frame
  • Combination frame
  • Sunglasses

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