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The polarized lens can cut the glare and a reflection light more effectively. The special film, the polarized film is the lens which is put into the lens and cuts a reflection. The difference from the ordinary sunglass lens is a characteristic with the big function to suppress a volume of the sunlight, to cut only a reflection and to secure the more comfortable sight. Because it cuts a reflection light from the snow surface on the snow-covered mountain, the clearer sight can be secured. In the marine sports, the polarized lens reduce a glare in the surface of the water and become easy to see in the water. The polarized film is one of the combined an iodine and a dyestuff, arranging for the direction of molecule, and the aggregate of small slit.

There is a many manufacturing method of the polarized lens but the polarized lens sandwich a polarized film inside with the lens. when the sunlight enters a polarized lens, the direction of sunlight’s vibration is to be fixed because only the vertical vibrating molecule ( The vibration ingredient at the electric field ) passes the small slit. So, the sunlight which was reflected in the surface of the water or road is a side wave and can get clear sight by suppressing a reflection to cut this sunlight by the slit.

Japan Eyewear Corp.

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