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We, HOPNIC LABORATORY was established at 1988, in SABAE. We were starting to produce plastic lens at the early stage of plastic lens, and after that focused to produce special lens such as polarized lens. In early 2000's we launched high index polarized blanks as first in the world, and we are supplying them to the brands until now.
The producing are done in JAPAN, therefore our ability lenses with high index are supplyed with high quality. In the near future we will develop not only polarized lens but also the lens which improve customer's quality of life.


〒916-0073 27-46, Shimonoda-Cho, Sabae-City, Fukui ,JAPAN.
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Our product lineup; polarized semi-finished blanks (index;1.50 / 1.60 / 1.67) , photochromic semi-finished blanks ( index; 1.50 / 1.60 / 1.67) and special anti-glare lens.
In the polarized category, we had launched the high index polarized blanis in 2000's as first, and these lens are supplied to the brands until now.
In the photochromic category, our photochromic lens are produced by top coating on lens surface same as Transitions. The lenses have quick coloring and fading. In the special anti-glare lens, it cuts the specific glare light and brings clear and vivid vision for user.

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