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Fukui Sabae Glasses General Information Site

Asahi Lite Optical Co., Ltd.

From December 1980, Asahi Lite Optical in Sabae City Fukui, Japan has been producing plastic highly refractive lenses and well known as its pioneer.
Our lenses are selling in more than 50 countries in the world through 11 distributors and many customers for long years.
By producing & selling lenses, Asahi Lite Optical provides more clear vision and more comfortable life.

Asahi Lite Optical Co., Ltd.

〒916-0038 47-26 Shimokoutaba-cho, Sabae city, Fukui pref. 916-0038 JAPAN
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We are good at producting highly reflactive plastic (Finished & Semi-Finished) lenses like index 1.60, 1.67 or 1.74.
Recently we launched "UV3G" which cuts almost 100% UV light add to harmful 420nm wavelength light know as blue light. "UV3G" is received with favorable reputation by the customers in the world.

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