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アぺリオ [EYETEC CO., LTD.]

“APERIO” means “OPEN” in Latin. We put the message that you can open the door to ?nd new you with “APERIO” into this brand name. We will create brand new eyewear by using polyphenylsulfone which is a dream material for eyewear and designer's free ideas. Please look forward to the future of “APERIO” which has various possibilities.

“APERIO” has unique structures to provide superior comfort of wearing for each targets.Ladies’ frame can be worn lightly by the temple which consists of 3 diferent thickness parts of polyphenylsulfone. And men's frame can be worn firmly by the temple of polyphenylsulfone which beta-titanium parts are built in. These unique structures also help their design to lift up and have great originality.

Official Site : http://aperio.jp/

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