Part Number:GUMMETAL



GUMMETAL is totally new alloy with fractal structure, which exhibits curious character like rubber yet it is metal. It is soft and elastic like rubber ball, but it has high strength comparing to common Titan alloy.
In case of general metals, it becomes harder as much as you process (work hardening), but since this alloy deforms by totally different mechanism, it is not hardened by processing and has unlimited pressing formability. Further, it exhibits thermal resistance and does not become soften after welding.
Further, all the metals become tougher when it is colder, but in case of GUMMETAL, the rate of spring becomes lower and the elasticity rises. Only GUMMETAL has this unusual character besides rubber.
Moreover, it has good abrasive performance as same as precious metals and also has remarkable cutting effect nevertheless
the surface hardness is over 400Hv.
GUMMETAL is resistant to corrosion, lighter and has biocompatibility and have no affection on human body.

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