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Fukui Sabae Glasses General Information Site

Exhibition / Event

Sabae Monodukuri Hakurankai 2017

2017.10.20 [Fri] ~ 2017.10.22 [Sun]
Sabae City Kyoyo Kaikan (Fukui, Japan)

FEC Fukui Eyewear Caravan 2017

2017.10.31 [Tue] ~ 2017.11.01 [Wed]
ELGALA HALL (Fukuoka, Japan)

Hong Kong Optical Fair 2017

2017.11.08 [Wed] ~ 2017.11.10 [Fri]
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (Hong Kong)

Glasses Production Area Fukui Sabae

Fukui is a town alive with nature, traditional culture, and master craftsmanship. This history make Fukui Sabae glasses production area.


Glasses Master Craftsmen and Skills

"Providing Maximum Comfort for Long-Term Use." Craftsmen here never compromise.


Glasses Manufacturing Company

Here, the entire town is one big factory. A few hundred eyewear companies combined efforts go into the production of each pair of glasses.


For business and private enquiries

Contact / Request

Please feel free to contact us for asking about production area, companies, OEM, etc.


Exhibition / Event

You can see Fukui Sabae products in exhibitions.



You can see Fukui Sabae products in our directly-managed showroom.


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